Thursday, August 9, 2012

The end is coming!!

The signs are starting to appear! As much as I'm trying to ignore them more keep showing up! First the last story time at the library. Then the marching band started practicing. Now the last movie in the Summer Movie Club at Cinemark! I can't believe summer is starting to draw to an end!  There are only two weeks left till school starts!

Last year I felt like the boys needed the "Week of Fun" before Ethan started school. I'm not having that feeling this year. I'm thinking I need a "Week of Recovery" from everything that we have done this summer. Part of me is sad that summer is ending. I have had so much fun with the boys that I don't want to see it end. Part of me wishes that Ethan was able to start kindergarten this year.

Enough nostalgia and back today. The boys were excited to go to the movies today. We saw Yogi Bear. The first half of the movie the boys weren't really paying attention. Then again most the kids weren't, there was a lot of chatting and messing around by everyone. I really loved the crying baby that the parent let stay in the theater. About midway the movie actually started holding the kids attention and everyone started to quite down.

After the movie Korri came with the boys and I to get the last few stamps for the Frisco is a Treasure Hunt. We actually had enough to turn in the map a while ago but I like to get all of the stamps because I'm OCD like that. Really the last four stamps took about thirty minutes to get.

When we got home the boys wanted to be Yogi bear and Boo boo bear. Which apparently meant they had to steal a picnic basket to have lunch. *sigh* Okay I'll play along. I pulled out our picnic blanket and set it out for the "bears" to "steal". Preston was trying to lay it out but needed some help. Ethan got upset that The Park Ranger (me) was helping because I'm suppose to be upset. Okay. Then I put their lunch in a cooler with some treats. The boys had so much fun pulling out and decided what they ate for lunch. Ethan loved he was able to have as many cran-raisins as he wanted. He did eat his pizza too.

I don't know what I started because for dinner the boys wanted to be Yogi Bear again. *sigh* This time they got to eat outside at the picnic table.

After Preston was done eating he started putting his lunch box on his head. He started asking for his motorcycle because he had his helmet. I pulled out his bicycle. Then Ethan wanted his bike too.

Lets roll!