The Good vs. The Bad

Last week Preston did as well as an three year old could do during tennis class especially since he wasn't really into it. I think the only reason that Preston wanted to take the lessons was because Ethan was so excited about tennis. This week I only signed up Ethan for class and had Preston go the the fun club.

 Ethan did as well as any four year old does in an hour long class, but at least he was actually trying when it was his turn. After class I took Ethan to the fun club so I could work out again. I did much better today than on Saturday but still only was able to use the bike for about thirty minutes. Progress is progress.

When we got home the boys ate for two hours. I was starting to think they would never stop eating. Oh man, when they are teenagers our grocery bills are seriously going to suck.

Ethan is still trying to prove that he is a big boy and doesn't need naps anymore. I made him still have quite time. Where he could sit and look at books as long as he was being quite and still. He would just about fall asleep then he would start shaking his leg or something to wake himself back up.

I was worried about how he would behave in Cirque Fit classes. I figured I would try to do my yoga class. I only lasted about thirty minutes before my back just not happy. I could have kept going but I was afraid that I would do some serious damage if I continued.

I watched the last of the boys class and they were more interested in messing around than listening. On the way home Ethan fell asleep. I don't think Ethan is completely over taking naps just yet.