Well that was disappointing.

This week kicked off restaurant preview week. I guess I should start by explaining what is restaurant week. It started off by several local restaurants coming together to help raise money for the local food banks.

What it means to me, being able to get three course meals at places that I can't normally afford to eat at. This year Josh and I really wanted to support a local restaurant. I was really hoping to find a nice special occasion place that was close to home.

Our waiter seemed a little overwhelmed when we first arrived. Okay that happens sometimes. I waited tables for over six years at three different places. Generally, I'm fairly laid back about slow service especially when the restaurant is busier than normal. When we asked questions about the menu the server didn't answer our questions unless we really pushed. When the appetizer came out Jen's horseradish sauce didn't come out with the meal. Even after she reminded the server when he checked on us it wasn't till just before our salads came out that she received the sauce. When it did come out it was almost all horseradish and very little sour cream. When I worked at a steak place we would use a three parts sour cream to one part horseradish ratio. I think they used a one to one ratio which caused the horseradish sauce to overpowered her appetizer.

The soup and salad course was okay. Jen order a blue cheese wedge and it was drowned in a gallon of blue cheese. Mark ordered the turtle soup. None of us have had turtle soup before so we didn't really have anything to compare it to. Josh and I had house salads they were fine. Then again can you really screw up a handful of iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons, and dressing.

Next up was the main course. I was the only one who didn't order 12 ounce Rib-eye Steak cooked medium. I thought the Chicken Piccata with a Lemon, Cream Sauce served with Angel Hair Pasta sounded really good. My dish tasted like really bad Chinese take out, okay that isn't fair. It was worst than bad Chinese take out. The steaks were over cooked and dry. Mark didn't finish his steak because his jaw was getting sore from chewing. The worst part was we all had empty drinks so nobody could wash down the tough chewy food.

While we were waiting for dessert, the owner walked over and asked how things were going. We said a half hearted okay but he could tell we weren't happy. We finally told him that we were not happy and why in the nicest way we could. He apologized and comped our food and our drinks finally got refilled.

Finally dessert came out I ordered the chocolate mouse and was very happy. Josh had Creme Brule and loved it. Jen ordered Bread Pudding and it was okay. Mark ordered New Your Cheesecake.The strawberries on top looked like they were frozen, microwaved , and then stored in the fridge. The cheesecake was falling apart. Then we tasted it, I think Josh summed it up the best by saying,"I don't understand that flavor". The cake was very tart and wasn't the normal cheesecake consistency. It had a very strong lemon taste.

I'm not going to name the restaurant because the owner was very nice and took care of us.