What just happened?

Oh my goodness this morning started off like a bad joke. Seriously, the kids were fighting, doorbell ringing, house phone ringing, and cellphone ringing. The only thing I didn't have going was a dog barking only because we don't have one!

It was after ten o'clock before I could even start trying to have breakfast. Basically I got a muffin out and every time I ran past it I pulled a bite or two off. Then at 10:30 everything finally settled down and I was able to caught my breath. I realized that things were too quite. Preston was playing with his train set. Ethan?? Where was Ethan?? Last time he was this quite he was busy smearing poo all over the bathroom walls. Needless to say I went into panic mode. Turns out the reason he was being so quite was he had taken several Legos out of the living room into his room. After breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. I told him to carry on. He wanted me to stay and play but I explained I'm a hungry girl and asked if he wanted a snack.

It was a brief snack time then the boys returned to fighting and screaming. Why are the boys so loud today?? Just because Josh came and left three times before actually leaving for work, and the guy who sprays the weeds was here, and the air conditioning repair guy. The phone kept ringing. Now I'm getting calls for some pizza place that isn't paying its bills. At least their collectors haven't started yelling at me and telling me that I really do know the deadbeat that gave out my number. Trust me if I knew who Latasha Rivers was and how to get a hold of her, I would gladly give out her information to anyone who wanted it and then some. I think I would take out a billboard at this point with her telephone number on it and I still don't think she would have all the harassing calls that I've received because of her. Wow I'm apparently a little bitter that she KEEPS giving out my home number to anyone she owes money to. Now I have a pizza place doing the same thing. I do think my favorite call is from the water company in Pennsylvania trying to collect from someone. I'm in Texas I don't think I've been using your water.

Ethan's birthday had turned from just us to, the usual birthday group, then I've invited a couple of his close friends. Now I think there are about thirty confirmed and I've done zero planning because this all happened since Friday. Ethan won't make up his mind about what kind of party he wants. I told him this morning he had to pick one thing and only one thing. Finally he decided he wanted a pirate themed party. O-kay? I don't know where the pirate party is coming from but it is what he wants. When my mom called to say she was on the way over to help shop for his party, I panicked and turned to pinterest.com for ideas. If you follow me on pinterest and wondered why I pinned a bunch of pirate party ideas in less than an hour the world just got a little clearer for you.

Once my mom arrived we headed straight for food! I had a couple of free four piece chicken nuggets coupons from Chick-fil-a that are about to expire. I can't let free food go to waste! Especially since it is a reward for their reading logs. They have been bugging me to go. I swear the place was full of kids that had the same volume problem my kids had today. I don't know if something is just in the air or what is going on. After we were done eating the boys tried to play in the play ground. That lasted for about five minutes. Ethan started crying because it was so loud. Some kid wanted to use Preston as a punching bag. We were out of there.

Next up was Garden Ridge. Which is basically the Wal-Mart of home decor. I figured was a great place to find cheap decorations for party. We found some chest that I think will make perfect treasure chest. After circling the store twice and not finding much more for the party we were about to leave when I saw a inflatable pirate ship with skeleton pirates on it. It was in the Halloween section which we hadn't really looked at. Turns out the inflatable was way more than what I wanted to spend, but I found a lot of skeletons. Man why didn't I think of that the first couple of times around the store? I was actually worried they might be to scary for the boys. I was wrong! The boys thought the skeletons and bones were the coolest thing ever! (Note to self: Increase the monthly saving account for future therapy).

My mom and I wanted to scope out Toy R Us to see what things Ethan would be interested in getting. If Ethan had his way; he would take the entire store home with him. Then we got to the bikes, Ethan was testing out the different bikes and he found one the LOVED. He was getting around so well on the bike that I could hardly keep up with him. Yes Ethan did get a bike a couple of years ago, but it is time for him to get a bigger bike. My car was already full of decorations so I didn't have room for the bike. Also we didn't want to buy his presents while he was with us. Once we left the store I realized that it was almost time for Josh to come. Prefect he could watch the boys and we could go back to Toys R us and get the bike.

After we dropped the kids off we headed to a Toys R Us that was a lot closer. Their bikes were really picked over because they are on sale this week. We had to return to the Toys R Us that we were at earlier. *sigh* I feel like I spent the entire day in Toy R Us!! Thankfully the first store still had the bike when we returned.

Wow this the coolest thing ever!

Look mom I can make him talk.

Hey Ethan, my bag of bones are cooler!