Thursday, September 20, 2012

All about the Mommy Group!

This morning, we headed out to the playground to meet up with the mom's group. All the kids Ethan's age seem to be in some sort of preschool. I think the other mom's at the playground suck air when I comment that I'm doing preschool at home. The mom's at today's meet up I don't really know. There are a couple of new moms and moms that only participate when their older kids are in school. It was great meeting everyone. Ethan would not leave Preston alone. Ethan had a death grip on Preston's shirt. I put Ethan in time out so Preston could play. Ethan returned to the death grip. Seriously? Then they ran off. Okay we were done and heading home. That was less then thirty minutes after we arrived to the play date.

After Josh arrived home, I was off for another meet up with the mom's group. It was time for some patio therapy! The moms that showed up tonight were the ones that I'm used to being around. It was great just to relax.