Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to class.

Cirque Fit class for Ethan started back today.

Me: Preston are you excited that you are going to have daddy all to yourself tonight.

Preston: YES!!

Ethan: I want a night with daddy.

Me: Ethan, we are going to Cirque class alone.

Ethan: Isn't my girlfriend going to be there?

Me: Yes, your girlfriend is going to be there.

Ethan: Yep, I'm going to the big kids class and Preston can't go.

ME: Are you excited?

Ethan: Yes. But I want to stay home with dad.

Me: Aren't you excited about going to Cirque class alone?

Ethan: Isn't my girlfriend going to be there?

I think the cycle lasted on and off all day. Even in the car on the way to the class. We got about five blocks from the house and Ethan started saying how much he missed Preston and dad. Really just before we left he was telling Preston how excited he was going to class without him. Okay. When I pulled up to the class there was only one vehicle in the parking lot. Um, where is everyone? Does class really start this week? I double checked the website. It says class is on. I guess we can try the door. It was unlocked. Okay, that is a good sign. Apparently, the class was only for Ethan and his girlfriend this week. I guess we will meet the other kids and mom's next week.

On the way home Josh asked if I could pick up a snorkel he had reserved at Dick's Sporting good. Okay. Why does he need a snorkel? We aren't going on any scuba trips that I know of. Turns out there is a snorkel to help with your breathing while you are working on your swimming form. Josh's coach calls it the dorkel. Apparently the only color any of the stores had was pink.
Yes, ladies he is taken!

 Josh was like a little kid on Christmas morning. He couldn't wait to play with his new toy. Even sending out texts and watching with the thing on. If he wasn't getting picked on, I think he would of kept it on all night.