Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bring on the repair men!

Today the refrigerator repair guy was suppose to arrive between 8:00am and noon. Noon comes and goes and no body shows up. UGH. Finally about one the guy calls to let me know that he is running late. Really?? I couldn't tell. I would have been nice to know earlier in the day. I guess it wouldn't have mattered because Josh had the van, so it wasn't like I could go anywhere if I wanted to.

Of course, right after the fridge guy leaves, the door bell rings. The foundation people were back to start pouring concrete. This process was not a quite one, the boys weren't falling asleep for their naps. They were just getting more and more whinny and cranky. Finally about four o'clock. The foundation people were done and the boys finally were able to get a small nap in.

I HATE commercials

My kids are huge suckers for anything they see. Today, Ethan saw a commercial for which is a website that you have to pay to use for three to six year olds. I pulled up which is a free site that goes from kindergarten to sixth grade. Ethan was like this isn't the abc website that I want, I want the one with the mouse. Really kid?? You can't read but you can tell this isn't the ABC website that you want? Fine I'll check out the website that he really wanted. Right now they are doing a month free so I figured I would let him have a month. While I was going through the set up process they offered a year for sixty dollars. I figure both kids for a year okay I'll pay for it. Stupid commercial.

Drama at bedtime

Preston realized that his blankie has a whole in it. First he wanted me to fix it. I don't have any blue thread right now. That couldn't happen. Then he wanted a new blanket. I pulled out several but none of them were the right shade of blue or the right texture. Really??? We have another blanket that is the exact same texture but it is white. I think I have him convinced that he can sleep with the holey blanket tonight and he will either get a new blanket or I'll try to repair it tomorrow.