Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family Fun Day

Today we visited my parents. Preston was excited to play with the Iron Man truck that his Nana bought last week. Every day last week Preston asked if he could go see Nana and Papa because he wanted to play with the truck.

The day was cloudy and rainy, the type of day that I would love to just stay in bed with a good book and let the world go on without me. My whole family was fairly lethargic. Ethan just wanted to lay on the couch and watch TV. My mom wasn't feeling all that great. She just wanted to sit a round today. For my mom to just want to sit around you know that she isn't feeling well.

Once we got home Josh helped me with my coupons. I was feeling so bad about trashing all of these expired coupons then I remembered the Krazy Coupon Lady has a page dedicated to sending your expired coupons to military families. Awesome!  Not only do I not have to trash all of  these coupons but I also get to help military families. Win!