Happy Birthday Ethan!

I can't believe how different my life is five years later. I was terrified that this little bitty baby would brake in my arms. I'm a bad mommy and don't have any pictures on this computer of Ethan the day that he was born.

Any rate, this morning Ethan woke up first. Ethan hardly every wakes up before Preston. This morning we were able to have some special one on one time and had Ethan open his presents with out his brother interfering. Ethan was so excited about getting to go to the museum that he wanted to get dressed as soon as he got out of bed. We were able to stop him long enough to open presents.

Look mom, it is what I've always wanted!

What is this? Oh it is what I've always wanted!

Something to shoot people with, it is what I've always wanted.

Hello down there.
 Josh just started training for a triathlon this week. After the presents were opened Josh was out the door to train with his group. Once he returned we headed out to the Dallas Museum of Art. Of course we were running late meeting Josh's dad and Bobby.
Gee I don't know where Ethan got the idea to write on the wall.

Legos rule!

Dad great job watching me, good thing I'm not standing on something. Oh wait??!!

Look mom, I'm a bird.

Art is serious work.