Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Dance Time.

This morning I was still feeling worn out from the weekend. The plan for the day was to attend First Tuesday kids event at the Dallas Museum of Art. I just wasn't up for it and my house was still a disaster from the party on Sunday. The boys seemed happy playing with the new toys that Ethan got for his birthday. I was working on putting the house back into one piece when my phone rang. It was Premier Foundation Repair. Back in June I had called several foundation people and decided to go with Premier. I didn't get around to calling and letting them know that I wanted them to fix our house till last week. This morning they called to say there was a crew on the way. Yea! I don't have to worry about my house caving in on itself. Okay the house isn't about to cave in, but it does need repair. Added bonus is that having the foundation repaired is the "landscaping" we have is being removed. I use landscaping very loosely because it is a few ugly bushes and some type of monkey grass. Now we can make the house have some nice curb appeal.

When my sister and mom arrived so that I could take my sister to the airport, Ethan realized that we weren't going to the museum. He was so sad but handled it like a big boy. On his actual birthday we are going to spend the day at the museum. I love that Ethan loves going to the art museum. Then again he does love doing art projects.