Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I found a preschool program!

Ethan and Preston can both attend. The only downside is the class meets once a month. *sigh* The first Monday of the month the Discovery Sci-tech Center has a preschool program for kids 3-5. It is a two hour program the first 45 minutes they rotate between four stations. In October they are going to make slime, build a marshmallow catapult, make a wand with led lights, and story time. Then the next hour they get to play in the museum.

Of course, that means we had to go to the sce-tech center to sign up. Okay I could have done it over the phone but what fun is that? Besides they had story time about germs this week. The kids get to make their own germs. Not to mention there weren't any field trips planned today. And they have a new exhibit.

The boys making germs.

The boys getting to shot something and not getting in trouble,

Don't I look like I'm learning something?

Look mom, I'm building carbon atoms.

Wow little bro you did a great job.