Friday, September 7, 2012

I had big plans!

Today for mommy school I was going to phone it in and head to the library for story time and to checkout some new books and movies. The boys had no interest in going to the library. Really? They love the library. Okay. I have no idea what we are going to do for mommy school. The boys decided to play with their matchbox. First they wanted to count how many they had. Then they wanted to group them. I sat back and just let the boys do their thing.

Once Josh arrived home from work. He asked if we had any plans this evening. I told him no. Once again I was wrong. The boys actually picked up their toys in record time. We were able to take the boys out for a bike ride. Ethan and Josh just took off. Preston was struggling a little and ended up just walking his bike. Then the kids decided they wanted to play tennis. We headed over to the tennis courts and that lasted about five seconds. Then the boys wanted to play in the playground. You know since we haven't really been out of the house this week the boys needed to run off some energy.