I think they are going to be artist.

Maybe taking Ethan to the Dallas Museum of Art isn't the best idea for his birthday.  Wait, let me back up a little. Because of the party we moved several of the kids toys that were in the living room into the boys bedrooms. Right now they love playing in their rooms. It wasn't a shock that when I was talking to my mom the boys disappeared in their rooms. Then my mom senses started going off. Ethan came running up to me with a marker in his hand. Ugh. Then I came face to face with the boys art work. On the walls and furniture. Apparently the markers were in Preston's closet and they "decorated" Ethan's room in less than ten minutes.

The boys had a very, very long time out.

Then it was time for mommy's school to start. I'm not using a curriculum right now so every day I'm just winging it. I was so upset about the walls that I just gave them some workbooks to do for the time being.
Thank goodness for washable markers and I was able to clean up the mess relatively easily. The rest of the day was more lessons and the kids trying to sneak back into their rooms.