The party is here!

With the boys over at my parents home, Josh and I were able to get set up for the party without a million distractions. This morning we had to go to Lowe's for some whiskey barrels for the walk the plank game. While we were there we found a bathroom vanity and mirror on clearance. We picked those up too for a future remodel project that will be starting in a couple of months.

Ahoy matey!

Pirate booty

More pirate booty!

I don't think this one made it home with his treasure.

My dad testing out the cannon ball toss. (okay black water balloons they tossed at the fence)

Ship cake pops. (Thank you Jen, Tam, and mom for making these)

Pirate cake.

The pirates in training walking the plank

Pirate brew (or lemonade with dry ice in it)

Ethan blowing out the candles

My older sister and younger brother showing how mature they are by stilling the swords from the kids to attack each other.

My sister attacking my unarmed mom.

Digging for treasure.

Ethan was so excited that it was finally time for his party. He wanted to start playing the games before the kids arrived. We only invited a couple of people with kids. Of course, the regular birthday group showed up as well. Ethan had a wonderful time playing with his friends and getting presents.