Thursday, September 27, 2012

The tail of two Ethans

This morning started off with me sitting on our patio drinking coffee and reading a great book while the  boys played in the sand box or rode their bikes. I paused for a moment and thanked God for how blessed my life is.

Then we came in for our morning snacks. I don't know where my well behave boys went. The boys who came back in from outside were wild children. I was so ready for nap time. Today was defiantly mommy needed you guys to take a nap more than the kids might need it. Preston actually went to sleep fairly quickly but Ethan was still messing around. Eventually I thought he had fallen asleep so I went to the kitchen to get some lunch for me. I just sat down when I heard Ethan running around again. Okay it sounded like he went to the restroom. I'll let it slide. Then I heard Preston crying. Oh that little toot, went and woke up Preston thinking that would make nap time be over. Uh nope. I don't care if you sleep just lay down and try to get a little rest because I need to eat and get my self in check.

The afternoon was worst than the morning. Preston just wanted to play by himself and Ethan wouldn't leave him a lone. That lead to a lot of fighting and crying. My mom showed up to go shopping. Thank goodness, normally the boys will behave like humans when other people are around but not today. This is going to be a fun shopping trip. We just pulled into the mall parking lot when Josh called and said he was about to leave work. Oh he job is right around the corner! Wait, he can take the kids back home and my mom and I can shop.

It was heaven actually getting to go to the mall with out kids. However the sale wasn't as impressive as I was hoping. I did get a couple of shirts for Josh and a few things for the kitchen. That was about it.