Friday, September 14, 2012

This morning Josh headed out at 5:30am. Where is Josh going?? I figured that he was going for training but he didn't mention anything about training for his triathlon. I tired to fall back asleep but it just didn't happen. Turns out he forgot to let me know this weeks schedule included a thirty minute swim and a thirty minute run. He did the swim this morning and is going to do the run this evening. He was jumping in the shower, I was trying to go back to sleep. Preston woke up. Fine I'm up.

I just wasn't moving that quick this morning. Thank goodness, Ethan wanted to do mommy school on the computer. Preston wasn't moving that quick this morning either. He was just laying on the couch being a TV zombie. That was how the boys were when Josh left. Korri arrived and I had the kids do a little science project for mommy school. I had a try with baking soda on it. Then the boys selected a food color and I added it to some white vinegar. Off they went making mini volcanoes. Every once in a while they would ask for more colors. I also gave them some water and apple juice for them to see if everything thing made the baking soda bubble. They quickly realized the water and apple juice was boring and didn't touch it anymore. They had a great time and were sharing all the colors.

After naps, Ethan wanted to be on the computer again and Preston just wanted to lay around. When Josh got home the kids were in the exact same position they were in when he left. No seriously we did things today.