Up and running.

Our modem has been dying for about a year. It was getting to the point it was down more than our internet was up. Our internet is bundled with our home phone and cable. Josh called to see if we could get a new modem and was able to get $50 knocked off our monthly bill. Sweet. Granted $50 isn't going to rock out budget but it is at least going in the right direction. Every little bit helps, right? That is $600 a year.

Sorry, I distracted myself. Also in the phone call, Josh found out our internet provider has a store near-ish to us. He was able to swap out the modem for a new one. Josh got everything set up while I was making sure the boys werent sneaking out of bed to get toys. I know the modem speed is suppose to be the same but it just seems so much faster. I think the main reason is because it doesn't die ever time I try to go to a new webpage.

 I know you didn't want to hear about my internet speed. I know you want to see pictures of the boys. Today during mommy school, we played a new game. Preston was a letter detective and Ethan was a word detective. I had the kids drawing pictures for Josh. While they were coloring I hid a few of our letter cards and sight word cards around the living room. I figured the kids would loose interest fairly quickly because they were not really interested in doing mommy school so far today. They loved being detectives. Quickly found all of the cards. They wanted to play again. Okay this time I put out the full set of alphabet cards and all 36 sight words. I made the mistake of putting a letter card on the wall tracks. Preston was lost to the wall track the rest of the morning. Ethan found all of his cards and what cards Preston hadn't picked up yet. Then Ethan wanted to do level three. Seriously kid? okay. Level three was us sitting on the couch and having Ethan match up cards that have the same first letter. Then we found rhyming words. I'm excited that Ethan is excited about reading. I guess that is why we have been doing so many reading exercises during mommy school. 
I'm looking for you.

Look mom what I found!

This is my grabber. It helps me find the words.

I've found a new level to this  game. Tracing the letters with my drum stick.