A little Preschool!

The boys were so excited to go to "preschool" today. The Discovery Sci-Tech had a special science preschool program today. The original plan was the kid would rotate through for stations in forty five minutes than have an hour to play in the museum. After forty five minutes we had only rotated through two stations. After snack time we rotated through the last two stations.

My boys didn't care that we didn't have time to play. They loved getting to make wands that light up, rain clouds, slime, and a catapult.

I had to give my sister a hard time because her senior year in high school, she had a project where she had to build one and it was an epic fail. The fact that her five year old and three year old nephews could build one, was just fun to point out.

I don't think this boys are excited or anything.

The boys making their wands.

The kids showing off their LED wands to the queen of the ball.

Making rain clouds.

Snack time! The boys loved the cupcakes.

Making slime.
The boys hiding because they didn't want to leave.
The boys had an amazing time. They were so excited to get home and try out their catapults.