Apparently Stressed Out for No reason.

When I went to prepare for the kids lessons today. I realized that I didn't turn the page and didn't finish actually teaching Friday's lessons. Well crap on a stick. Then I debated about trying to combine the rest of the Friday's class and today's class. Then I was worried about time because I wanted to rush out the door because I was wanting to take the boys to Legoland Discovery Center before we picked up Mark and Jen from the airport.

This morning, I was dragging.  I don't know why. I let the boys do their computer time first before we did the lessons. Great we are sort on time and I'm running late. UGH. I just did the lessons that we missed on Friday and called it good. Then I checked the flight information and it said that the plane was going to land 40 minutes later than I thought it was. Score. I let the kids watch a little TV and I chilled out a little. Than loaded the kids up. I had been on the road less than 15 minutes when the phone rang. Jen was letting me know the plane just landed. WHAT???!!! Are you kidding me?? Well that just sucked. Turns out by the time they deplaned and got their luggage. They only waited for me a couple of minutes.