Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bounce, Bounce, B-B-B-ounce

After we finished the kid's daily lessons we headed to Jump Mania. I love going to Jump Mania on Tuesday. There wasn't anyone else there. They have been having their Tuesday morning bounce for less than a month. I just hope they keep it. It was so easy to keep track of where the boys were. Oh that bounce house over there is moving, I guess that is whatever child I can't see at this moment. The kids didn't want to leave.

When we got home there were some boxes waiting for us. Our curriculum arrived. The kids were so excited. Okay I was too. They wanted to see everything. Then after I opened the last box. The kids grabbed the boxes and ran to their bedrooms. Um okay. I guess I was the one really excited about the curriculum and the kids were just excited about the boxes.

I was going through the overview of the curriculum and realized this is a lot more intense than what I was expecting. They have report cards for me to fill out for the kids every six weeks. Ethan is going to have homework. Really?? What have I signed us up for?

(Pictures will come soon)