Fair Day!

On Wednesday, the State Fair of Texas has a special with the North Texas Food Bank. If you bring three can admission is only $2. The normal admission price is $16 for adults and $12 for kids. I don't know what we are going to do next year, when Ethan is actually in school and they don't get out for Fair Day. I wonder if that would be an excused absence? Somehow I don't think it will be. I don't have to worry today because it is FAIR DAY!!

Josh took off work. We were meeting my mom on the way because she won't drive to Fair Park. When we first arrived we headed to the dog show. Ethan saw an ice cream vendor and realized that he hadn't had his morning snack and was hungry. We convinced him that cotton candy was better. We stopped by the petting zoo, then headed to the midway. It was time for lunch. Of course it is the fair so we opted for the healthy options of pizza for the boys, my mom had a foot long corny dog, Josh and I split fried tamales and fried mac and cheese. Then we watched the bird show. The kids loved it.

We wondered back through the midway and the boys road a couple more rides. Then it was off to the Girl Scout exhibit. I was excited because I was in Girl Scouts when I was little and they were giving away free cookies! Then it was off to have the Fried Samoas! They were so yummy. I don't know why my dad had a heart attack the day after we went to the fair a couple of years ago. The food we eat is so healthy.

We had to leave the fair early because Ethan had Cirque Fit class, Josh had a meeting with his training group, and my mom had a sale she needed to get to. I don't know where I get my love of saving money.