I need a caffeine IV today

Last night after getting home from the moms group, blogging, then getting ready for today's lessons. I was wired and got sucked into a TV show. I think I finally fell asleep around 2:00am-ish. This morning came really early. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband that woke me with coffee. Man, I was moving at a snails pace, this morning. After what seemed to be a gallon of coffee, I was able to get my act together.

The kids were so involved in school that we ended up running over. We didn't actually have time for recess. Then again we were meeting the mom's group for lunch at a playground. I wasn't to worried about the boys missing recess.

I don't know where my head was on the way to the playground. First, I drove right pass Mc Donalds. The kids weren't going to have anything else for lunch; since I mentioned that was what we were going to have. Then I went to the wrong playground. *sigh* Finally I arrived at the right place. The only people there was the mom's group. One of the moms brought a football. Turned out to be a good thing because there were two five year old boys, and three three year old boys. I did feel sorry for the mom who had a three year old girl and a baby. The girl wasn't interested in playing with the boys.

Once we got home I was afraid that if the boys took a nap they wouldn't go to sleep tonight. I let them skip naps today. Tonight we decided to go out for dinner. Well. Preston closed his eyes because the sun. Ended up falling asleep. Normally if he falls asleep for five minutes in the car it is just as good as an hour nap. Not today. Josh tried to wake him up when we got to the restaurant but no dice. He didn't want to lie down in the booth. He kept trying to do face plants into the table.
Who it ready for some football??

See mom, I'm totally over naps.

This would be a great facebook pic. Mom I really need an account. Come on I'm a big boy.