I think it was cruel and unsual punishment!

Last night I tried to update the operating system on my phone. The cable from my computer to my phone died in the middle of the update. I had started the update then went to bed. This morning my phone wouldn't do anything. UGH!! This morning I was busy doing lessons with the boys and chores. This afternoon I called Josh on the house phone to see if we had any other cables in the house. In the meantime my phone died. I had to wait till the phone charged enough to turn back on. It took three times before my phone was restored. Then it took several more hours for the all the apps to load back up. I wasn't able to use my phone for almost twenty four hours and I was starting to have withdraw. I think I might have an issue.

Because I didn't have my phone I wasn't able to get pictures of the boys. Which is really sad because the boys had me draw mask on their faces today. Ethan looked like he had a Spider Man mask. Preston was Batman.