I'm so proud.

Today Josh did his first triathlon. He trained with the TriShop beginning tri group. Before he joined the group he hadn't been on a bike since he was in sixth grade (we won't talk about how long that has been). He had never been on a ten speed. Josh did take some swimming lessons. Of course he has been doing running for a while now.

Eight weeks later, he was comfortable on the bike, In the pool the coaches taught him about balance, better form, and built his endurance.  In running the worked on speed and pacing.

This was the first event that I felt like he was going to be competitive-ish. It turns out that in his age group he was mid-pack. Normally he isn't the last person in his age group but pretty darn close. The people that he beat in time at White Rock last year were the ones that didn't show up. Overall in the triathlon he was 188 out of 700.

For this being his first tri and finishing so strong definitely says a lot about the coaches the trishop has. If Josh continues training with these coaches, I believe that we are going to have to start sticking around for the award ceremonies. Josh did a person record in the 5K! When he finished his run people were still just starting theirs. I know he didn't win any awards today but he finished strong and still had energy afterwards.