Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It has been awhile.

The adventures we have had lately have actually been fairly normal. No major missteps. Until today. My mom was suppose to arrive about 11:00am so we could check out a new to us pumpkin patch. I did a condensed lesson plan today. When I was about to finish school my mom called to let me know that she was still at home and running late. *sigh* Okay I added in a couple of things into our lessons today.

When my mom finally arrived it was time for lunch. After a quick bite, we headed out. We started off using the directions on my phone. They looked fairly straight forward. My mom decided to use her phone for the directions. Apparently she didn't put the address in correctly and we ended up in someone's private drive way. After a couple more fails. Every time I did a U-turn the kids would freak out and think we were going back home. Finally, stopped and checked my phone again. I pulled up a map and told my mom make sure the dot stays on the blue line. We were finally able to find the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm. It was eight dollars and it includes the hay maze, a small pumpkin per person, feed for the animals, and a hay ride.

Right away Preston wanted to feed the animals and Ethan wanted to do the maze. We had Preston feed a couple animals on the way to the maze. It turns out that Preston has my mom sense of direction. Ethan was able to navigate the maze much better.

Then Preston saw a pig made from a hay bale. Preston wanted to feed the pig. Um, okay. Thank goodness he just wanted to feed it pretend food. Then he saw the spider and wanted to feed it too.

Basically the only reason that we left was because the boys were thirsty and I didn't bring any drinks with us.

Then I realized I had another epic fail! My keys were locked in the car. *sigh* really??? Thank goodness Josh was close enough to run over with a spare key. I think that is a personal record of misadventures in one day.

Mommy, I like this one.

Woo hoo. We are on a hayride.

You don't see me.

I'm secret agent Ethan.