School Update.

I think I'm starting to figure out a schedule that is working. When the music and Spanish curriculum arrives it is going to make the schedule work out a little better. Tonight I bought a science curriculum. I decided to go with the complete curriculum. It is completely online so I don't have to wait for anything to arrive. Right now they are having a sale and for thirty dollars you have access to ten different books. I decided to use the kindergarten science and social studies. There are other science curricula that have better ratings, but I think this is going to work out best for my family. It give me a lot of flexibility. I'm a little bit of a science geek. With Physics being my main love. I have a feeling that I"m going to be relaying on my library for additional support. The first seven lessons are about different types scientist. I can spend one day on the actual lesson and the next day we can learn about a famous scientist in that field. From the looks of the curriculum it will give the kids a good overview of all the different science disciplines.

I also decided to use the social science curriculum also because well it is already included and for me to add the social science lesson plans and support supplies would cost another $80. By not having to spend the extra money and then wait for shipping this curriculum wins.

Once everything arrives I should be able to have school from 9:30 to 2:00 without running out of things. Man it would have been so much easier if Ethan could have actually started kindergarten this year. The only reason I am "homeschooling" is because we just couldn't find a program that I thought would challenge Ethan enough. If Ethan is board his is going to cause trouble.