That could have been a cluster.

The day just flew by today. Schwans stopped by today right before I had a chance to have lunch so I ordered more than I should have.

While the kids were "napping", I got a message that some of the trains from the Museum of the American Railroad were being moved to Frisco today in about two hours. To say that Preston is slightly obsessed with trains is a vast understatement. I figured the kids would love seeing the vintage trains on the tracks. They get excited just driving by and seeing what has already been moved here. I wasn't 100% sure that we hadn't missed the train when we got there but there were several other people around so I figured we didn't miss it but the kids were over waiting.

 I headed to the library because I had a couple of books on hold. The kids are feeling deprived because they haven't gotten a ton of books and videos in a while. When I went to check out I realized I had left my wallet at home. Well crap on a stick. At least the people at the library was nice enough to hold our pile of books and videos while I run home and get my card. Ugh. I ran home and back got all twenty items checked out (I mentioned it was a pile) and loaded back in the car. I drove past the track just one more time. Everyone was jumping out of their cars. The train was pulling up just as I got near the tracks.

I guess everything happens for a reason. If we didn't go back to the house; the boys wouldn't have seen the train today.