Weekend Wrap Up!

We woke up Saturday and a cold front had blown in. Poor Josh had two hours of training outside in the cold weather. The boys and I pulled out sweater from the back of our closets and snuggled on the couch under a bunch of blankets.

Then Josh brought home a box of donuts for us. I'm so glad that someone in the house worked out because negates the calories for me, right? Gee, I don't know why I've been slowly gaining weight lately.

After our second breakfast, Josh wanted to get his bike ready for his ride tomorrow. The boys wanted to get their bikes out too. We were letting them ride on the sidewalk right in front of our house. Then they wanted to play in the backyard. Next I knew they were running back and forth from the front to the back of the house. Josh and I decided to take the kids bikes with us to my parents house tomorrow. Then we decided that I needed a bike too. I figured I just needed something to ride with the kids around the neighborhood. We are going to spend the night at my parent's home. We figured once the kids go to sleep we could just get a bike from Wal-Mart.

Dinner ended up taking a lot longer than I thought it was. We ended up getting to my parent's home a lot later than we were expecting. When we first got to my parent's, they were at dinner.

Once they finally got home, Josh and I were exhausted. We were getting up early in the morning anyways.

Sunday morning, Josh and I had overslept. There was a triathlon in my hometown and we wanted to watch. We started rushing around. First we had to get the boys ready to go to church with my parents. The we had to get ourselves ready to freeze our butts off.

Josh was happy that we got to the triathlon before everyone had started. He was able to see a few groups go. The elite athletes were just starting to get out of the water. We decided to go to the transition area to see how they quickly changed from swimming to biking. It was insane. After all of the pro athletes and then the elite amateur athletes were on their bikes we decided to look for coffee. There were no coffee places near the triathlon and we didn't want to leave and get caught in traffic. *sigh* There we were freezing early in the morning withOUT coffee!!! Fine I'll go back to the transition area and I'll just pout till this is over. Okay, I really was have a good time just getting to spend some alone time with Josh. After we watched the pro athletes finish the race we decided it was time to go get some breakfast.

Next up was getting me my own bike. We headed to the bike experts at Wal-Mart, and found a bike that was prefect for me. Okay it was cheap.

After the boys napped we all headed out on our bikes. Preston only wanted to ride in my parent's drive we for about five minutes and headed back inside. Ethan wanted to go! My dad decided to go with us too. My parent's area doesn't have sidewalks so it was the first time Ethan ever got to ride in the street. Other than Ethan trying to drive down the center of the road things went fairly well. Then it started to sprinkle. My dad and Ethan went back to the house. Josh and I biked around for a little longer and then it start to sprinkle harder. Since Josh has been training he was able to go up the hills much faster than I was. Once he got home my dad got the van and picked me up. I was only about five house away but I was getting out of breath trying to push my bike up the hill. Wow I'm really out of shape.
Papa and Ethan showing me how it is done.  Hey wait for me!