Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why did we think this was a good idea??

This week on Facebook Legoland posted they were having a sale on their annual passes. Ethan has been asking to go a lot lately. Josh and I discussed it and decided that we should get passes again. Today was the day we went and picked them up. I'm so glad that I only have to go through the ticket line once a year. Okay I might go through the line just so we can ride the Kingdom Quest line but it is a quick just scan our passes and go. Today it seemed to take forever. Of course when we thought we were done Ethan says he needs to go pee. Really??  When we got back from the restrooms all the employees at the front knew that we had already paid and had our passes scanned. And let us just go to the waiting area for the "Lego Factory". A couple of reasons it took so long was because the guy that was in charge of the one machine that did annual passes didn't have a clue about what he was doing. Then they ran out of the annual pass cards. We have these blank cards with all our information on it. I just hope that in the future it isn't going to be a problem.

Once we finally got into Legoland, Ethan didn't want to do the Kingdom Quest ride. Ethan just wanted to play in the play structure. Preston is still to short to go back into the play structure. Preston is to short to do the new ride. Thank goodness Preston was happy with playing in the Duplo play area. Josh was tried of just sitting and waiting for Ethan to come out of the play structure. Josh came and found Preston and I and asked if we could switch. Okay twist my arm to take the easier kid. When I got over to the play structure, there was somewhere between twenty and thirty kids taking all of the block out of the little building room up into the structure and handing them to Ethan. *sigh* Apparently Ethan orchestrated putting the blocking into the holding bin. The parents were starting to freak out because they almost had all of the bricks out of the room. I tried to explain that there is a slit at the bottom and they can get the blocks out but nobody wanted to listen to me. Eventually one of the employees came over and started getting the blocks out of the bin and the parents calmed down. After several hours I told Ethan it was time to go. We headed to the restrooms, That is when Ethan noticed the new ride. Of course he wanted to check it out before we left. Shocking he loved getting to drive the jeep and wanted to go again but Josh and Preston were in the store waiting for us.

Oh, giraffe I have missed you.

Look what I made.

NASCAR watch out here I come!

Look what I made.