Yea, I didn't burn the house done.

Today was at typical day. I'm actually feeling pretty good about splitting my time between the boys to make sure they are getting one on one time with me. I've been using the computer to keep one child learning while I'm working one on one with the other. I'm really impressed how well Ethan and Preston use the laptop. Ethan will open new tabs and switches between them. Preston can use the mouse pad better than my mom. (Love you mom)

Yesterday, I actually ordered a curriculum for both the kids. I LOVE Mother Goose Time but like all of the preschools that I've looked at I feel like Ethan has moved past it. If I was just working with Preston, I would have used it again. Instead I decided to go with ABEKA. It has been around forever. By forever, I went to a school for several years in elementary that taught ABEKA. It is something that I"m comfortable with. It was a little overwhelming trying to find something that worked for both kids.

When I had turn on the computer for the boys, I had pinterest page pulled up about smashing cotton balls. Ethan was all about it. Because Ethan rocked his lessons today, I decided to go ahead and try it. I didn't really read the directions I know shocking. It didn't bother me until we were putting the cotton balls in the oven that I didn't read and realized that I didn't check the flammability on the paint that I used. Several of the balls weren't completely covered in paint and I wasn't sure if that made a difference. Um, so I figured that it was a good time to check our fire extinguisher. Then I realized that we don't actually have one. Well I didn't think the oven would make the ball spontaneously combust but I kept a close eye on them just in case. Thank goodness nothing happened but I think next time I'll pay closer attention to the directions specially if it calls to be heated up.

When Josh got home the boys were going ninety to nothing about smashing their balls. Um? needless to say Josh was a little confused. After the boys went to sleep I showed Josh the pictures and he was still confused. What was the point? To keep the boys busy and out of trouble. There was several steps in the process so it kept them engaged the entire time.

I do have to say that I'm glad that I put a disposable table cloth down because it made clean up so easy.