A little bouncing and reading today.

This morning I had a perfect plan. Apparently, the plan decided to sleep in. We decided to go with plan B. Which was to skip school this morning and go to Jump Mania. I was shocked this morning how many kids were there. Granted you could count all the kids on one hand. It was still the most kids that I've seen there. I really like the bounce house place so I'm glad that more kids were there.

Next week Aunt Monkey. I'll own you!

Preston the superhero

Um, mom. Mom! I'm stuck her.

Help, I've fallen and can't get up.
 Then it was time to run by the library. I had several books and a video on hold from the library. The boys wanted to pick up a couple of books and videos. I really do love our library. I was blown way with the help that I recieved today. I was in the kids holiday section looking for a book about the history of Thanksgiving. Someone happened to walk past me that was shelving books. I asked if they happened to know if there were any Thanksgiving books. Next thing I knew another person was handing me two perfect books and the first person was taking me and the boys to the Thanksgiving display that was in the research section.

Mom, it is a shame that we didn't find books at the library today.
We finally got around to doing school about 2:00. We got through circle time, phonics, handwriting, and numbers. Then it was time for story time. The kids just couldn't sit still. Fine, go take naps. Ethan hasn't taken a nap for a few weeks. Today he was asleep in just a few minutes. Score one for the bounce house place and the library for wearing out the boys.

We didn't finish the lessons today but at least the important ones were covered.