A little destressing time.

Last week my parents were on a cruise. Since their return my mom has been stressed that she is already behind for Christmas. When she was crying on my shoulder about how tired she is from the vacation and stressed that she is behind. She didn't really get a lot of sympathy from me. The woman already has her Christmas cards done for crying out loud. All of this stress is making her blood pressure is through the roof. Now I'm more sympathetic because I don't want her to have a stroke or a heart attack.

Last year, the week before my sister arrived for Thanksgiving, my mom had all of the decorations unpacked and ready for us to put out. Which made the process of making her house look like Santa Clause threw up in it much quicker. This year between work and doctor visits she doesn't have as much time to prep for my sister's arrival. Today I offered to come over and help. I was worried with the kids around we wouldn't get much accomplished.

I had the kids back a bag to help keep the occupied while we are working. The grabbed a lot of their stuff animals and several DVDs.

Once we arrived, I put on the electronic babysitter and one of the movies the kids picked out. Ethan loved getting to be a couch potato. Preston wanted to see what Nana and I were up to. The first thing we brought in was a Santa Clause about an inch shorter than Preston. Preston was so excited. He stood there looking at Santa and ringing his bell. After that Preston was all about help us get Christmas out. We worked for hours taking a break for lunch. Papa arrived Preston was so excited to show off the Christmas decorations. Right now the house looks like a complete disaster area but at least my mom is chilling out a little.

After helping my mom, it was time to take Ethan to Cirque class. I didn't have enough time to take Preston home. I got to entertain Preston for an hour while we waited. Ethan did really great during class today. I love the fact that he is learning how to climb the silks on his own.