A little science to start our week.

We love the Sci-Tech Discovery Center. I love the new mind stretching Monday's for preschoolers. Today's theme was Festival of Fun. It was all about food. They started off by reading the Hungry Caterpillar. Then they made caterpillars using grapes and chocolate chips for eyes. The boys had so much fun making them. Ethan couldn't wait to eat it.

Then it was off to learn about the chemistry of mixing food. We made a no bake pumpkin pie. Preston and Ethan decided that they don't like pumpkin. Okay you love pumpkin shakes, and pumpkin bread but pumpkin pie is just to much?  Whatevs.

While we were waiting, we did an art project. The kids were suppose to draw four things that they are thankful for. *sigh* I'm not sure what the pictures were that Preston drew. Ethan decided he was thankful for his dog.

Me: Um, Ethan you don't have a dog.

Ethan: I know but I will and when I get it I'll be thankful for it.

Me: um... I'm not so sure about getting a dog. As long as you are thankful.

Then he drew a picture of an ear of the friend he just meet. The kid was offended and didn't think the picture looked like him at all. That was when Ethan explained it was just his ear. I don't know what color the sky is in his world  but at least Ethan is happy living in it. I was afraid to ask what the other pictures were.

Then it was off to play with some play-doh and make chocolate covered bananas with sprinkles, then frozen with liquid nitrogen.

Next up the dyed bread then toasted it. Then they played a game where they rolled a dice and depending on what numbered they landed on they got a certain color fruit loop. Then they put the fruit loop on a string to make a necklace.The boys ate more fruit loops than what made it on to the string.

I have never seen my boys eat so much in two hours. I figured at lunch they wouldn't be hungry. I called Josh to see what he was doing for lunch. We meet up. The kids ate some more. I guess I'll be looking for larger size clothes for the boys soon.

When we got home I tried to do mommy school but Preston was in desperate need of a nap. While Preston slept, Ethan and I continued with school. I actually only planned for a light day because of the preschool they attended today.

Our Spanish was listening to the Muzzy CD in the car. I figured that we could skip art and science. It was just phonics, writing, and numbers. Today the boys had their first test. The test was suppose to be just for Ethan but I had Preston take it to see where he is. Ethan scored 100 on his test. Preston not so much. Then again he was was more interested drawing circles on the paper than actually answering the questions. It was so frustrating because he would verbally answer the question correctly but then circle all of the answers.