Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to the Dallas Museum of Art

I guess I was feeling a little over confident because yesterday went so well. I decided to go solo today. Actually we were signed up to do the Arturo and Me class. Basically it is a preschool class that is all about art. The boys were so hyper from the moment that we arrived. *Sigh* I almost left before the class started. Once the class started the boys calmed down, for the most part. Ethan wanted to answer every question and didn't always wait for the teacher to call on him before he started talking.

Today was the first time we did this Arturo and Me class. I didn't know what to expect. We followed the teacher to the second floor of the gallery. We sat down by two pictures of nature. The kids were read a story about building a fairy house. Then they discussed the book a little. Then discussed the paintings. Next up was making our own creature out of modeling clay. Then we headed out to Klyde Warren Park that opened over the weekend. The kids could build their own fairy house for the creatures they just made. Part of the children's park is still being constructed. The part that is open was very nice. Lots of hills covered in AstroTurf for the kids to climb on. They also have a really nice spiderweb for the kids to climb on. There was also a "tree" house that every one could go up and check out the views. I know if I worked downtown that this is an area I would lunch often if the weather is nice.

After we were done with the class, I let the boys play for a while. Then it was time to grab lunch. I guess I let the boys play to long. When we were in line they had a complete meltdown. That was the end of our day at the Dallas Museum of Art.

After a nap on the way home and lunch the boys seemed to calm down.

My kids can listen.

Preston showing off his critter house.

Ethan still working on his.

The boys decided to build in a different location. I guess the view is everything when you build.

The only reason that I added this picture, if CPS gets called because Ethan has rope burns on his arms. I have proof on my blog that he did it to himself.