Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

Josh and I were really debating about voting in this election. Texas has voted to give their Electoral Votes to the Republican presidential candidate since 1980. We figured that overall our vote wouldn't really matter. We don't know enough about local political scene to make a real informed decision. We based our votes on what was on their websites. In my old district, I've had some personal dealings with some of the political mover and shakes. For example, the JP lives across the street from my parents. I still see her almost every Sunday when we visit.

After a long discussion, we decided that it was more important for the kids to see us vote than our own political views or lack of views.

The kids seemed excited about watching us vote. When we got home they were voting who would rule our house. Apparently, we need to have another child because Ethan voted for Josh. Preston voted for me. We told the kids that Josh and I would lead the house together.

Then it was time for mommy school. Today was another condensed day. I covered Writing and numbers. I figured the election covered social studies. We listened to the Muzzy CD in the car on the way to the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). The only subject I didn't cover was science.

I called Jen to see if she would want to join us today. Jen has never gone on an adventure just me and the kids. Today was the longest that I have survived with the kids at the DMA.

When we first arrived the boys wanted to go in two different directions. Thank goodness Jen ran after Preston. I took off after Ethan. Preston wanted to play with the legos and magnets. Ethan wanted to do an art project. Eventually we were able to get the boys doing the same thing. Helping make a mosaic color wheel. We skipped story time so we could get lunch but the boys didn't want to leave the color wheel. When we finally got them to leave and get lunch we missed the guided tour of the museum. We were able to get the second story time and the Ollimpaxqui Ballet Company performance. During the dance performance, they called for volunteers from the audience. One of the dances chose Preston. Preston was over the moon excited. He was the littlest kid on stage. I thought he was adorable trying to keep up with all the big kids.

Then we went back to the C3 studio and Ethan and Preston wanted to do one more art project. They decorated another box. Ethan made an alien mummy. Preston made an alien also.

We then checked out the new exhibit Posters of Paris: Toulouse-Lautrec and His Contemporaries. The museum has scavenger hunt sheets at the entrance to the exhibit. The boys were excited about the hunt. At the end of the exhibit there was an art project where you can trace different words and pictures and make your own poster. The kids loved the art project. Ethan really liked tracing the words.

When we got home and I turned on the election results. Ethan was excited whenever a state turned either blue or red.