Monday, November 12, 2012


Okay our freedom from the kids only lasted an hour. It was the first time that both kids were able to go into Småland at Ikea. It was nice to wander around and not have to worry about Preston trying to run off to play with something. We were able to actually plan out different room. How we might update different things.

Afterwards Josh asked when a good age for the kids to go on a Disney cruise. Next summer I think they will be the perfect age. I guess I know what we are going to be saving up for. Josh really likes the idea of checking the kids in and us getting some adult time.

After the boys went to bed, Josh and I decided that we need to clear off some shows of our DVR. We watched Up All Night. Of course it was the episode where the couple actually finds a babysitter. The show hit a little close to home. *sigh*

Then again the kids have been asking for our next door neighbor to babysit again because they miss her. I'm just not sure if football season is over yet.