Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgving!

This year we headed to Missouri for a Varner family dinner. It was great seeing my in-laws. We haven't gone to this side of the family's Thanksgiving since Ethan was just a few months old. After dinner every headed outside to play games and talk.  Then it came up that several people haven't seen Wreck it Ralph. The boys made it clear they wanted to see the movie again. Okay how could I refuse?? The only time that we could go was at 6:45. Which means that I would miss the 8:00pm sales. That is okay because there wasn't really anything that I felt that if I didn't get it would be the end of the world. I didn't think the sales were all that great. When we drove past Wal-Mart after the movie, the parking lot was insane. Thank goodness we were planning on going to Kmart first. Oh yea. We hit the classy stores. The craziest part of our Black Friday shopping was we were back at 12:30. When we got up the next morning we made a run to JC Penny. That was it of our crazy shopping. The only reason we hit JCP was because they had kids clothes for $4 each. I could get complete outfits for less then $10.