I'm a proud momma

Today was all about school. I'm having a hard time keeping up with the boys thirst for knowledge. Right now, Ethan's favorite video is School House Rocks. Ethan can only read simple words but he can tell you what the noun and verb are in a sentence. Are you kidding me??? After school was over he got himself some paper and a pen, went to the kitchen table so he could just write words.

The boys favorite movies right now are Word World, Leap Frog, School House Rocks, and Muzzy. I couldn't be prouder. At time I question if I'm doing the right thing but then days like today, I know I am.

I would love to say that the boys quest for knowledge is because I have some amazing curriculum or that I'm some amazing teacher. The truth of the matter is my boys are just curious. I hope that I'm truly fostering a lifetime love of learning.