This is the day that will never end!

Preston jumped into bed with Josh and I at 6:00am. *sigh* I think I hate mornings more than Garfield the cat. Thank goodness Preston decided he wanted to shower with Josh so I was able to get a few more minutes of sleep in.  I ended up being up and at it an hour earlier than normal. What sucked the most was the kids and I didn't have anywhere we needed to be.

It is was nice to stay home for a change. I thought about doubling up on the lessons because I didn't actually do school yesterday. I figured that we had enough to do. I started school about 9:30 and we didn't finish up till 4:00. It was another long day but at least the kids really seemed to love the science and Spanish lessons today.

During recess the kids wanted to build their creatures homes in our back yards. I had them build the houses in a flower bed that we currently aren't using.

Last week we got a weeks worth of coupons for Half Price Books. We missed one of the coupons already. Josh was suppose to take the coupons today and check the store out at lunch. Just after lunch I realized the coupons were sitting on the counter. Tonight after dinner we checked out the store together. It is always dangerous for Josh and I to be let loose in a bookstore, let a lone one with a 30% off the highest item coupon. It didn't help that Josh found an entire series that his favorite author contributed to the books. Thank goodness they were only a dollar each. We had told the kids they could each pick out one book. Preston kept trying to buy toys. He would bring me the kids princess jewelry and asked me if I wanted it. Really kid???  You are only three years old and already know how to win a girl over is to distract them with jewelry? Maybe he should teach Josh that trick.

I really hope that I wore the kids out today and they sleep in tomorrow.