Tis the season to be stressed, fa, la, la, la, la

This morning while Josh was doing his bike ride. The boys and I did the lessons we should have done yesterday. After Josh arrived with donuts, it was time to head to a birthday party.

The boys had an awesome time at the party.

Last week I was feeling festive and thought it would be fun to make cake balls that look like turkeys. That feeling had passed and I was over it. Tonight, Josh asked when I was going to make the balls. I told him that I wasn't. He informed me that he had told them that we were bring the balls. Well, crap. After dinner I went on a hunt for what I need to make the balls. While I was in the grocery store I almost had a panic attack because I can't find what I need on such short notice.

I called Josh, he told me to come home. I helped put the kids down and he headed to the store to find what we need. I'm glad that I have such a wonderful husband that is willing to help me with my crazy ideas.