Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I swear everything went wrong.

Sorry that I haven't been posting. I might go back and post later. I'm not able to post any pictures right now. Not really sure what is going on. I'm going to have to delete older pictures.

Over the weekend, our Elf on the Shelf appeared. Basically I finally remember where I stashed him after Christmas last year. It is pretty sad the kid were asking why he hadn't shown up yet. The cat that we were suppose to watch isn't coming. The kids were pretty upset that Stinky Pete isn't going to smell up their rooms. Then again I'm glad that Preston and Stinky Pete aren't going to be getting into farting wars. I'm not really sure there is enough air freshener in the world.

Today my mom and I were suppose to go shopping. My mom didn't arrive till almost noon and informed me my tire was going flat. We decided to have lunch before we left. Ethan didn't like what I made so he made himself get sick. Really? We got him all cleaned up and changed.Then it was an hour of waiting to get a new tire. Then we finally got to shop. An hour later we had to leave to pick up a friend and take them to the airport. We arrived back to my house just before Josh arrived. I started dinner. Once Josh got home he took over dinner and my mom and I headed out again.

First we headed to the mall. I decided to pick up some cheese from the Hickory Farms. Then we did some more shopping. Then we headed to Toys R Us. My mom wanted to use my reward card. I realized I didn't have my wallet. Okay, I know I didn't leave it at home because I bought the cheese. Crap did I leave it at the mall?? Wait maybe it is in the bag with the cheese. While my mom was finishing up at the check out I ran to the car. When I got there my wallet was sitting on top of the bag of cheese. I think part of the reason I was so panicky, my mom told me she had a dream that someone stole her purse just before I realized my wallet was missing.