Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm a little evil.

The weekend was crazy busy. We had our annual cookie weekend. This is the first time in a long, long time (like over ten years) we were able to do all but one recipe in one day. The only reason we didn't do the one recipe is because my grandmother likes to help with but she had already left for the day.

Josh and I hadn't planned to attend church because we are normally busy with cookies. While my parents and kids were at church we decided to head to the store and get my parents an early Christmas present.

My parents have had their microwave before I was born (we won't discuss how old I am). The microwave was over thirty years old. It was still "working" and my parents weren't going to replace it. It didn't heat food evenly. Half the time the start button wouldn't work. Every time I got he microwave to turn on on Saturday I did a victory dance.

I'm a little stinker. While everyone was at church, Josh and I replaced the microwave. We found one about the same size as my parents current one. Trust me wasn't an easy feat. When we moved the old one there was a ton of dust on the microwave stand. I grabbed a rag to clean everything off. Then put the rag in the wash machine.

When my parents came home Josh and I were in the kitchen waiting for them to notice. My dad was the first to come in. He commented on the show that was on. The TV sits on top of the microwave. Then my mom comes in and finds a twist tie that had fallen out of the drawer in the microwave stand. Picks it up and puts it away. I was dying because she basically looked straight at the new microwave. Then she continued into the laundry room. My mom noticed the rag in the wash machine and asked what got spilled. Really??? She noticed the stupid rag in the wash machine but not the microwave???

 I told her nothing spilled. That wasn't good enough. Then she wanted to know why the rag was in the wash machine. I told her I found something was dusty in her house and cleaned it for her. If you know my mom, dust in her house is unacceptable. She came out of the laundry room and started really looking around and noticed the microwave. It happen to be the same time my dad looked up from his lunch and noticed the microwave too.

Josh and I were standing back watching all of this unfold. We were both dying trying not to spoil the surprise.