Thursday, December 13, 2012

Internets please work!!!

This morning I woke up and tried to check my email. As soon as I logged in the modem reset itself. As soon as the internet came up it went down again. UGH! Fine I guess I just won't check my emails before Josh goes to work.

Then I was trying to talk on the house phone. Our phone is through our internet. The connection was terrible and the call kept dropping every time the modem rebooted. I got so frustrated that I ended up just using my cell phone. Then Ethan wanted to watch Rocky and Bullwinkle. We stream in through our DVD player from Amazon prime. It took two hours to watch a thirty minute show. The boys wanted to do their lessons online and that was a disaster.

I called support and they had someone come out this after noon. It took them over an hour to get the thing working. The technician ended up having to try two different modems before we were up and running again.

Hopefully this time we won't have anymore issues for a while.