Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Josh thinks my mom and I should have a reality show

I think, this post should be called I'm surprised that we don't get kicked out of places.

My mom came over so we could get some Christmas shopping done. Our first stop was at the high class store, Target. Overall the trip was uneventful but my mom was having issues with one of her apps. She gets points for shopping and earns gift cards. However she opened the app to far away from the door so it wouldn't give her the points. She kept walking around the entrance. That wasn't working so we headed to the other entrance where my phone had worked just a few minutes earlier. Still no dice for my mom. Eventually I took the phone, closed her app, then reopened and it worked in just a few seconds.

We continued with our shopping. Then it came time to check out. The express line was long. We decided to checkout the other lines. We decided the express line didn't look so bad after all. As we were getting in line another lady beat us there. *sigh* Of course she had way more than ten items in her cart. I don't know what she was doing but a bottle of wine fell out of her cart. She did the amazing maneuver and caught it with her feet. She was afraid to move and asked if I could pick the bottle up for her. That is when I noticed that she had a bunch of items in the area where kids normally sit and didn't have the flap up to keep them from falling out. She was looking for something and bumped her eggs. The carton tiled and opened so eggs fell out one at a time. I felt sorry for her but it was so comical at the same time. My mom and I decided those other lines were looking really good right now. If I was watching a reality show I would have thought the lady was staged.

Next we moved on to Grapevine Mills Mall. My kids are very familiar with Grapevine Mills because that is where Legoland Discover Center is. I know that if they realized that we were in the same place they would insist on going and we didn't have time for that. I just didn't want to listen while to the whining while we were trying to shop. I made sure we used a different mall entrance. The boys didn't realize where we were. Sweet. The bottom of my stroller has seen better days. Apparently, I was leaving a trail of plastic in the mall. Yep, I was feeling really classy. We used the restroom, Preston dribbled a little on his pants. I didn't have a change of clothes. I was going to get him a new pair of pants. While we were in the kids clothing store he started having a protein spill all over himself. My mom took him back to the restroom to make sure it was all out and left me in the store to clean up the mess. Ethan was in his stroller playing on his leappad and ignoring the world. Until a little girl came up and wanted to see what he was doing. This apparently freaked Ethan out. He started calling me saying, "Mom, there is a girl. Right here. I found her. Could you make her go?"  
Then the girl's mom wanted to talk to me about the leappad. Seriously? I'm a little busy here and very oogied out.

Then we moved on to another store. Of course my mom got distracted at a jewelry store. Ethan decided he needed to climb out of his stroller. I told him to get back in. My mom was helping him and they some how knocked his cup of water over. Great another mess for me to clean up. *sigh* I'm thinking at this time that the custodial staff is about to put me on their payroll.

Thank goodness it is Josh's birthday today and I needed to get home. Even with everything that happened my mom would have kept shopping.