A crazy few days.

This week has been pretty crazy. I've actually worked out twice this week. Not in just I showed up and rode the bikes for half an hour but really worked out for an hour and half. The first time my partner in crime and I did fifteen minutes on the treadmill than changed into our swimsuits for a water aerobic class. This time there were a few other people less than seventy years old and I wasn't wearing the same bathing suit as one of the little old ladies. It was a lot more fun being in the class with a friend.

On Wednesday, we headed to the Sci-Tech center. The center has been closed for the past month because they were changing out their exhibits. The boys were really excited about getting to go back and seeing all the new stuff. At one point I was talking to the lady in charge of the preschool programs. Ethan came running up to her and said that he couldn't find his mom anywhere. The Sci-Tech center is pretty much one huge room. I my eyes on Ethan and Preston was 99% of the time. The employee asked are you sure you don't know where your mom is? Ethan looked like he was about to have a panic attack. I knelled down and said are you sure. Ethan got the biggest grin on his face and gave me a huge hug. I'm glad that he went up to an employee.
We weren't at the Sci-Tech center with the mom's group. After being there for several hours we decided to head to McDonalds. Where the kids ran around for another hour and half.

Just before dinner my mom called and asked if we could run to Ikea for her. Oh, no! Anything but that! The boys were in the if they stopped moving they would fall asleep mood. Thank goodness Smallville had immediate openings for the boys. It was nice having some Josh time at the store.

On Thursday, it was back to the gym. For another hour and half work out. I used machines that I never knew existed let alone how to use them before today.