Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little mom time. A little less stress??

The boys cracked me up this morning. I kept trying to get the boys to leave so we could meet up with the mom's group. Today we were having morning coffee together. The boys were to busy watching My Little Pony and didn't want to leave. Seriously boys? First you have already seen this episode about a million times. Second it is My Little Ponies. Fine watch the show, but we are leaving the second it is over. Then all the sudden the boys wanted to go before the show was over. Okay? Did I just enter the twilight zone? Or am I already in it?

When I got there I realized my tablet was dead. I knew it was low so I grabbed the charger. However the cord didn't quite reach the table. Preston ended up sitting on the floor against the wall. I was able to keep an eye on him but he looked like he was in time out or something. Thank goodness one of the other moms let Preston use here tablet. I got the boys hot chocolate. Ethan downed his. Preston was so involved playing games that he forgot about his drink. After I reminded him he downed his drink too. They looked like miniature teenagers.

Tonight they were telling Josh about their adventures today. Preston said, "We went to a offie op and they didn't have any toys". Ethan really liked his coffee, it was hot chocolate flavored. 

The weather has been gorgeous the past couple of days. Today's high was in the upper 70's. I told the kids if we got through school early enough we would go on an adventure. Some how that comment got changed to We would go on a Heffalump expedition. Apparently, my boys watch way to much TV.

I guess a new resolution is to cut down the amount of TV the boys watch.

School started off really rough this morning. Once it got started things got better. Ethan is really trying hard. I'm really impressed with how much we are able to cover in a day when. He is so ready to start school. Oh I found out I have a month longer before the informational meeting about the testing to find out if Ethan is going to "skip" kindergarten or if he is going to be in kindergarten in the fall.

Going over the lesson plans between now and then I really think that Ethan is going to be more than prepared for the test. I just don't know if he is going to be socially and emotionally ready. I know how much it SUCKS being the youngest in the class. I imagine it is going to be worst being a boy. It isn't like he is big for his age. This year is the first time that he was average for height and weight. This is something that Josh and I have been on the fence since we realized that he was going to miss the cut off date for school.