Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to school.

When I was preparing the lessons last night for today; I realized that we haven't done school for a month. This morning the boys were saying they didn't want to do school. Sigh. I was really worried that today would be a nightmare.

The boys surprised me. Once we actually started they were all about school. Things they were struggling with before our break, they just breezed through today. It was nice how quickly they were going through the lessons. I guess the break was a good thing.

I'm super excited that the Spanish curriculum that I ordered way back when just shipped. I can't wait for it to arrived.

During our social science class we discussed responsibilities and chores. The boys were excited about taking on chores and helping around the house. Sweet. You don't have to ask me twice. Starting tomorrow morning the boys have a list of thing they have to take care of. I didn't just pull out the task list out of my butt. I actually did an internet search last night for age appropriate chores.  We will see how long it will last. Tonight they helped set and clear the table. They are excited about making their beds by themselves and folding laundry in the morning.