Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clean eating day 1

I started prepping the food about 5:00pm. At first I felt like a competitor on some cooking show. Step 1 peel and cube 2 sweet potatoes. Okay. I love sweet potatoes! I'm used to them being baked and cover in butter and brown sugar and maybe some marshmallows. I grabbed the first one, and noticed immediately that the sweet potato was hard.  Well this butter knife isn't going to work. I was worried about having a hard time cubing because of it being squishy. Now reality is starting to set in. I thought I was doing really well till Josh came walking in the door. All I had chopped was the two sweet potatoes and two red peppers and it is an hour later. Josh jumped in and took over. I was heading out the door to a book signing.

I was gone for over an hour. I figured that dinner would be waiting for me when I got home. Nope. Josh was still working on it when I got back home. Really? I washed up and jumped back in. In total almost three hours later Josh and I sat down for dinner. Josh fed the kids while I was gone. The food was really good. Not three hours of work good but good.

After we finished eating I looked at the kitchen and it looked like a tornado hit the place. As I was picking up, it felt like the entire place just need a serious bath.

Um, I need to get faster a chopping. I guess practice makes perfect.

Josh and I are thinking about taking some cooking classes.