Getting things to work out!

The kids seem to be able to keep up with the faster pace of the lessons. This morning I meet up with a friend and we worked out for an hour. I figured the first couple of weeks after the New Year the gym would be crazy busy. It was busier than what I was expecting but it wasn't bad. I've been able to get the kids in the fun club without a problem. My friend introduced me to the yoga ball. My core is already a little sore. I'm worried about how sore I'm going to be tomorrow. The boys were excited about getting to be back in the fun club.

Once we got home the boys were wired. Seriously??? I made Ethan move from the table and use the toy box as his desk. That seemed to really help calm the boys down. Then after lunch Preston just didn't want to do his work and started to whine. Okay, I guess it is time for a nap. Instead of waiting for Preston to wake up to finish the lessons, Ethan and I continued on. I think I'm going to have to start doubling up on the science and social studies lessons too. We have been doing the five senses for two weeks so far and there is another week of it. Ethan and Preston seem to have the concept down.

Tonight Ethan had cirque class. He told me he doesn't like the class because he arms get tired. I'm glad he finally told me what he doesn't like about the class. Josh and I talked and figured out ways for Ethan to work his arms out that he doesn't notice that he is working them out. I guess we are going to be visiting parks that have a lot of climbing structures. We are going to also take Ethan swimming more. We are such mean parents.

Parents: Okay kids we are going to the park again. 
Kids: Oh, no!! Not the park.