I think I'm excited!

When we bought our house, we had visions of sweet equity dancing in our heads. It looks like we are really going to start remodeling next month. I didn't realize how ready I am to start. I've been having dreams about the remodel.

I think I've mentioned before that we are going to start in the half bath. When we bought the house it had wallpaper in it that looked like a pair of blue jeans with a red bandana belt, complete with the stitching in the corners. It was something. Our original plan was to scrape the wallpaper off and paint till we could remodel. A couple of things happened. We realized the builder brought the walls in around the vanity so the builder grade would fit. Whoever put up the wallpaper did a terrible job. They didn't sand the walls completely flat. There are several indents where we couldn't get the wallpaper out. We did a terrible job scraping the wallpaper off and damaged the walls even more. That is how the half bath has sat for almost three years. We did finally put the covers back over the light switch and electrical outlets. My sister got a big kick out of the fact we had child safety covers over the exposed outlet.

Josh used to work on a remodeling crew over the summers during college. He has done a lot of the work before that we are thinking about doing. I on the other hand am completely clueless.

Our current plan is over a weekend (hopefully have my parents watch the boys) take the half bath all the way down to the studs and build it back. I have a feeling it is going to take more than just one weekend but we will see. Phase one has only taken a couple of years and that was suppose to be a quick fix.

At one point I had a contractor look at it and he wanted $10,000 to the renovations. Um, I don't think he really wanted the job. Seriously it is a half bath. We want to replace the sink, mirror, lights, fan, and toilet, and move the walls out that have nothing behind them.

We do have a new vanity and mirror that we bought on clearance back in September. We still need a toilet, faucet, fan, and a paint color. I'm thinking about tile half way up the walls but that just depends on the budget.

I would love to do the project for less than $500 but I don't think that is realistic. So far we have spent less than $200. On rough estimates the toilet, faucet, lights, and fan are going to be $370. Then there is going to be the drywall that Josh assures me is very cheep, paint, and tile (maybe).

Nope we aren't touching the floor right now. We might try to take up the floor that is in there right now and just seal the concrete. Until we decide what kind of flooring we want to do in the main area of the house.